Greetings sleuths, gumshoes, PI’s, and readers,

You’ve come to the right place!

Yes, you will find information about my books, but there is a lot more.

You’ll be kept up to date on facts, fantasies, and fun here.

Your books—and mine—will be reviewed.

Puzzles, quizzes, breaking news on the topic and opportunity announcements will be located at this site. And typos for those who like to gloat. Remember—all typos are deliberate, placed here specifically for gloaters. This includes, but is not limited to, spelling, grammar, misused terms, and just poorly written prose. Happy gloating, y’all.


Let’s get started with an interesting offer I noted. It’s a free stay at a fabulous writers’ retreat in Vermont. Go here for details There is a beautiful picture of the location. No effort to go is required beyond having one published book and a second one in the works. There are fifty of these offered.


Now here’s something for writers who want legitimate background on Homelessness. Best process occurs when visiting the south Florida area, but there is an alternative. Drag yourself out of the bunk early on a Sunday morning. Visit First United Methodist Church at 400 Biscayne Boulevard by 7:00 a.m.

Don’t try the Biscayne Boulevard entrance. Go to the parking lot around back of the church, entered from NE fifth street. Wear street clothes and walk through the line with some 175 to 200 homeless men, women and children to get coffee and a bag lunch. Talk to your line-mates as you shuffle through. Sit at a table and talk to some more. Don’t tell them you’re a writer—just talk like with a or a tennis pal while sitting on a bench resting between matches.

Extend the session by hanging out in the parking lot or central garden—yes, they have a garden of grass and plants inside the surrounding buildings in downtown Miami—until 8:00 a.m. A chapel service led by the pastor—the Reverend Doctor Cynthia Weems—takes place with several homeless in attendance.

After that service, attend an open discussion on the bible in the Crusader Room on second floor. Anyone will tell you how to reach it. Join the group as you drink coffee, munch Danish and discuss the bible and questions raised by the group. Many of the class members are homeless, but you’ll also find
teachers, nurses, attorneys housewives, clerks, and retirees in the group—all there on an equal footing.

Afterward, worship in the gorgeous chapel, enjoying pipe-organ music and a full worship service. Dr. Weems will present the same sermon in a more formal worship setting, but the experience will be totally different. Many homeless will be in attendance, but they won’t stand out among the other congregants sitting in worship informally dressed in daily worn clothing.

Not going to south Florida? Then get a bit of flavor—not the whole experience, to be sure—by visiting the church website There’s lots about the homeless—and much more—located there.

Come on back for more news and features. And don’t forget, I’ll review your book.

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